Rise Divine Feminine 



Art by Fabrice Monteiro. Courtesy of IPI International Peace Institute

Welcome to the movement

There has been a chronic energetic imbalance that continues to seep into our consciousness; biologically, socially, emotionally and psychically.

The effects of the imbalance include abuse of power, abuse of mother earth, abuse of living beings and the abuse of each other. It turns out it is dangerous and needs love.


All over the world, there is a movement in the rise of the Divine Feminine. This perspective sees womanhood as sacred, life-sustaining and at the core of our collective human beingness. It’s also about embracing higher powers as equally male and female, both equally sacred (Houston, 2015).  

It is time to tune into the energetic shift that calls for a rebalance of the harmony of masculine and feminine energies.

Let us ALL rise towards harmony

Uzo Nwankpa


Rise Divine Feminine

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